First Wedding Dance Ideas & Inspiration

Get the party started by enhancing your first dance with our inspiring ideas. If you want to make your wedding dance even bigger and better than it already is, you will love our ideas to add extra wow factor. For some people the first dance as a married couple can be a worry and one way to make a reluctant dancer feel more confident is to add in a little extra something. They will feel comforted by the fact that there is something else going on. It will feel like some of the attention is diverted away from them and their dance technique, so they can relax a little and enjoy it more. 

1. Have a balloon drop or confetti explosion set up above the dance floor to create a wow moment. The confetti could cascade down upon you either on a key change within the music or to mark the end of your first dance as a married couple.

2. Make it into a family affair by inviting your parents, wedding party or close friends & relatives to join you on the dance floor after you’ve danced together for a while. It shows your love and appreciation. It’s also a great way to get people up dancing. An empty dance floor can be intimidating, so other guests are much more likely to take to the floor if people are already on it.

3. Be unique with props, such as hats, glow sticks & musical instruments. Once we choreographed a sporty couple, using their hockey sticks as canes for a Broadway vibe. The groom used his hockey stick as a seat to lift and twirl his bride! Another time we had a couple who didn’t want to be soppy, so they did an upbeat number with glowsticks. As they danced, glowsticks were given to the guests and were so excited they stormed the dance floor as soon as the happy couple had finished!

4. Choose a personalised dance floor monogram to make your first dance as unique as you are. For a monogram that stays put on the dance floor, large transfers (often called decals) can be ordered from the internet. There are tons of these on Etsy and they are surprisingly inexpensive, so really great for the budget. Another option is for the monogram to be projected using a Gobo projector. This is a fairly technical piece of kit which projects the monogram to either one location or it can move around the room. Wedding venues or DJs may have gobos you can use, or they can be hired. 

5. Dancing in front of a slideshow showing the story of your lives is brilliantly sentimental and entertaining. Start with a few baby photos of each of you, moving on to toddler years, as children, then teenagers and important moments as adults, finishing with an engagement pic. It’s a fantastic background for subtle, slow first dances to ballads. If you are nervous about being centre of attention or anxious about your dancing skills, it’s a great way to divert the guests attention, making you feel more comfortable on the dance floor. If you are planning an upbeat first dance this won’t work, as it will be too frantic and too much for your guests to take in.

6. Pimp your dance floor to make a spectacle of your first dance and indeed all the dancing at your wedding. You can hire some really eye catching, unusual dance floors. We love the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ illuminated coloured squares, beautifully romantic starlit floors and classy black and white chequerboard designs.