How To Avoid Wedding Planning Stress

Congratulations! You’re engaged and ready to marry the love of your life. It’s all incredibly exciting and then suddenly – the planning stage hits you! Over the years, I’ve spoken to many couples about how overwhelming wedding planning can be. Who should we invite? Where should we have our wedding? Will I upset my family […]

First Dance Songs For Weddings

Before you start your wedding dance lessons you’ll need to choose your first dance song. If you need some inspiration, scroll down to see the most popular first dance songs. Choosing can be very difficult, if you need help, let us know when you book your lessons and we can advise you. If these songs […]

Funny Wedding Dance Surprise

Get the party started with a surprise wedding dance Be original and memorable, surprising your guests with amusing dance moves and unexpected songs. Typically, a surprise first dance will start with a slow romantic song which transitions into a different, faster song. This transition can be gradual, with the two songs seamless changing. Or it […]

Christmas Wedding Dance Songs For Festive First Dances

It’s the most magical time of year, so your Christmas wedding is going to will sparkle with celebration! People are jolly at Christmas, so your guests are likely to be keen to get on the dance floor. The excitement combined with the romance of a winter wedding gets guests into the party spirit with little […]

First Wedding Dance Rock Songs

If rock music is your thing, you’ll need a first dance song that’s alternative to the norm!Finding a great rock song for your wedding dance can be difficult, as rock ‘n’ roll tracks are typically dark and rather glass-half-empty. For their first dance, usually couples are looking for lyrics of love, to reflect their feelings. […]


Vintage weddings are classic, beautiful and uber cool, with a sense of glamour and elegance. To infuse vintage charm into your big day, you’ll need tunes to compliment the era and transport your guests to a time gone by. The best vintage wedding dance songs Music from the iconic jazz and swing eras will enhance […]

First Wedding Dance Ideas & Inspiration

Get the party started by enhancing your first dance with our inspiring ideas. If you want to make your wedding dance even bigger and better than it already is, you will love our ideas to add extra wow factor. For some people the first dance as a married couple can be a worry and one […]

First Wedding Dances To Ed Sheeran Songs

Thinking Out Loud – We’ve taught thousands of couples over the years and this has got to be the most popular song! Some couples even request a version of the choreography from the music video. Perfect – Lyrically so beautiful with a gorgeous lilting steady beat and nice key changes for interesting choreography – it […]