Same Sex First Wedding Dance

Whether you are a bride or groom and whether you have a fiancé or fiancée, when it comes the first dance at your wedding, what difference does it make? Overall, there is no difference at all. Your first dance as a married couple is about that moment between the two of you, taking to the dance floor together for the very first time. Love Is Love & Dance Is Dance.

As part of your wedding planning process, engaged couples need to choose their first dance song and book their wedding dance lessons, if you need them. A process that makes no difference whether you are marrying a groom or a bride!

Same Sex First Dance Songs
A quick Google search will show tons of blogs about LGBTQ+ first dance songs. That is a great thing, as not so long ago, the LGBTQ+ community wasn’t represented enough in the wedding industry and some would say it still isn’t. However, when it comes to choosing the song that you will dance to for the first time as a married couple, I’m not sure sexuality, gender or stereotypes are necessarily part of that decision. The best first dance song for you will be one that is special to you as a couple. Some couples have an ‘our’ song, but if not, you can sit down together and write a list of ideas, evoked from happy memories or songs that remind you of each other.

There are definitely not ‘first dance songs for straight couples’ and ‘first dance songs for gay couples’. However, some songs may resonate with you lyrically, such as those that only refer to she (for brides & brides) or he (for grooms & grooms). And then there’s the gender neutral songs, for example, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran which is by far the most popular first dance song in recent years, makes absolutely no reference to the he/she pronoun at all.

Sam Sex Wedding Dance Lessons
If you choose to take wedding dance lessons, you will learn a dance choreographed to suit you song, ability and natural style. Regardless of the music type you choose, learning to dance together is unbelievably romantic and really good fun. You can choose any song you wish for your first dance, it does not have to be traditional. However, if you do go for a traditional dance, there is one question that always comes up – who leads? In a male/female partnership, the man will typically be taller than the lady and so convention dictates he will ‘lead’ the dance. In a same-sex partnership you have the beauty of choice. Within your relationship it may be clear who you’d like to lead. Or you might go with whoever is tallest. Or you might decide to take turns at leading. If you didn’t see John & Johannes in Strictly 2021 take a look at them on YouTube, as they showed us beautiful variations in leadership, where Johannes led some dances, John led others and in some dances throughout the choreography they would take turns at leading.

Gay Wedding Dance – A Celebration Of Love
Your first dance shows the gravity of your love in a really celebratory way. It can reflect your personalities and the type of relationship you have. The dance floor is a space that you have creative ownership of, as you can choose the mood of the moment with music and lighting. All first dances are a celebration, but the reality is that a straight couple is likely to have had less challenges than a gay couple. Perhaps not within the current relationship, but certainly growing up and navigating the path of life, which for a gay person is often not the easiest path to navigate. And that is why gay wedding dances are so fantastic, they celebrate overcoming all the challenges life has thrown at you and sees you coming out the other end triumphant, ridiculously happy, head over heels in love, married to your perfect person! Music is a huge part of the LGBTQ+ community and so many couples will naturally want to reflect that when they celebrate their love for each other, by choosing iconic tunes.

Booking Your Wedding Dance Lessons
Wedding Day Dance UK is the only wedding dance company in the UK that has Booking Forms on the website for Grooms & Grooms and Brides & Brides. We are proud to support the LGBTQ+ community, with equality at the heart of what we do.