Booking Form

Want to book your wedding dance lessons? Great! You are in the right place. If you are enagaged and planning your First Dance, complete the Booking Form below to start the process of scheduling in your wedding dance lessons.

However, our lessons are not just for engaged couples. You might be planning your Father & Daughter wedding dance or even a dance for an anniversary or birthday celebration.

Our lessons are suitable for all, as long as you are two people who’d like to learn a bespoke dance together, this is where your dance journey starts!

Once you have submitted your Booking Form, we will contact you via email to organise your dance lessons! To start with, we’ll suggest some dates and times, as per your preferences. If the initial schedule doesn’t suit you, don’t worry, as we will amend it until it does. Once you are happy with all the dates and times, we will email you an invoice. Once your invoice has been paid, your wedding dance lessons are confirmed. The next step is to actually start dancing together! Your wedding dance teacher will arrive at your home (or another pre-arranged location) as per the agreed schedule. All you need to do is be ready to learn and have fun!

Your wedding dance teacher will have your Booking Form, so they will know your song. You should expect to start learning your dance straight away. It’s a good idea to have your phone nearby, so at the end of your lesson your dance teacher can video you and your dance partner dancing the moves you have learnt. If you can, it’s really beneficial to practise your dance between lessons. If you forget the steps, you can refer back to your video. After that, your subsequent lessons will follow the same pattern, until you come to your final lesson. At this point you will be totally ready, you’ll know it inside out and will be feeling super confident!