About Us

We’ve been teaching wedding dance choreography since 2007, enabling thousands of couples across the nation to learn their first dance, enjoying wedding dance lessons in the comfort of their own home. We teach in-person, no Zoom here! Our classes are available in all UK locations, so if you have been searching the internet for ‘wedding dance choreography near me’, your search is over. Quality and equality are at the heart of what we do. We know wedding planning is hard, so we offer excellent customer service, a simple booking process and high calibre wedding dance teachers. Our lessons are for ALL engaged couples regardless of ability, age, health or sexuality. We are proud to be the only UK wedding dance company to feature online booking forms for Brides & Grooms, Brides & Brides and Grooms & Grooms.

The Wedding Dance Lesson Planner

Amy has been organising wedding dance lessons for couples all over the UK for the past 15 years. Based at the Head Office in Wiltshire, she is a wedding dance consultant and has built the business from a small local wedding dance company to the national dance establishment it is today. Her highlights include showcasing at the National Wedding Show, British Wedding Awards and being featured on ITV’s wedding quiz show ‘Gift Wrapped’. She says the best part of her job is hearing how much the couples enjoyed dancing on their wedding days. Amy is also a writer and has written articles for Wedding Ideas Magazine, Confetti, The National Wedding Show and English Wedding Blog.

Our Wedding Dance Teachers

Our wedding dance lessons are are taught by our experienced wedding dance teachers, who are qualified, friendly and insured. Most importantly, they love creating wedding dance choreography for couples just like you. They have extensive experience and are based all over the UK. They completely understand that you may feel nervous and will support you, massively boosting your confidence. It’s absolutely normal to feel anxious, as it’s not everyday you learn a brand new skill to showcase to everyone you know! Learning within the safe confines of your home, your teacher will create bespoke wedding dance choreography that suits your ability, natural style and song. Our wedding dance teachers have great credentials and are qualified with organisations such as Royal Academy of Dance, Imperial Society Teachers of Dance, International Dance Teachers Association, British Association Teachers Dancing & National Dance Teachers Association.