Wedding Dance Lesson Packages

Wedding Dance Lesson Packages & Prices

All our lessons are 90 minutes long, and we have several wedding dance lesson packages for you to choose from.

Wherever you are in the UK, you can book a dance lesson for wedding dances, as we cover the entire country! They are taught at your pace, so they are suitable for all abilities, especially beginners. Your wedding dance teacher will work with you in-person, not virtually. With a teacher actually by your side, your learning experience is significantly more productive effective than on a screen. Your dance lessons will result in a first dance that suits your song, natural style and ability. With your new found confidence and a first dance that suits you perfectly, you will feel amazing on the dance floor. You might like to read our wedding dance lesson reviews to see what our previous couples thought!

How To Book Wedding Dance Lessons

1. Fill out a Booking Form

Booking Form

2. We’ll contact our dance teacher in your area
3. We’ll email you with available dates and times, as per your preferences. If the schedule doesn’t suit you, no worries, we’ll amend it until it works for you and your commitments.
4. When you’re happy with the schedule, you can make payment to confirm your dates and times.
5. Your wedding dance teacher will arrive at your home (or the arranged location) as per the agreed schedule and you will start learning your first dance!
6. If you need to reschedule, we’ll do our best to arrange another date. If you need to cancel, that’s ok too. We offer a full refund as long as you give us 48 hours notice.

We don’t take deposits. Payment is only required once you are happy with your schedule of wedding dance lessons. We are proud to offer affordable wedding dance lessons.

We’re happy to work with EVERYONE regardless of ability, age or left-footed-ness. We have taught people with disabilities and medical conditions. As each dance is bespoke, you can be assured it will be tailored for your needs and won’t be too difficult. This means you can enjoy dancing on your wedding day feeling confident, relaxed and most importantly happy. As you progress through your dance lessons, wedding nerves can appear and that’s fine! Our wedding dance teachers will completely understand. They will put you at ease, by taking it one step at a time and boost your dance floor confidence.