First Wedding Dances To Ed Sheeran Songs

Thinking Out Loud – We’ve taught thousands of couples over the years and this has got to be the most popular song! Some couples even request a version of the choreography from the music video.

Perfect – Lyrically so beautiful with a gorgeous lilting steady beat and nice key changes for interesting choreography – it is literally perfect for first wedding dances!

Tenerife Sea – Lovely for relaxed, chilled couples, especially for overseas outdoor beach weddings

How Would You Feel – This love song is honest and powerfully simple, it’s a popular choice for couples who want a song that doesn’t feel too commercial.

Shape Of You – Intimate yet edgy, upbeat and fun, this is popular choice amongst younger couples

Photograph – A song about enduring, unconditional love with absolutely wonderful melodies. Often favoured by couples who have had a long distance relationship.

Galway Girl – This one isn’t for everyone, but we once choreographed to it for a bride from Galway and her English fiance, it was the perfect wedding dance song for them!