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Wedding Dance Lessons At Home

  • Wedding dance lessons at home, for your convenience
  • Or if you prefer, in a studio
  • UK wide – we are where you are!
  • Range of wedding dance lesson packages
  • Ideal for beginners
  • No dance experience required
  • Bespoke dance to your chosen song
  • Scheduled to your availability

We teach wedding dance lessons UK wide and our teachers focus on building confidence, as well as teaching at your pace and ability. As your dance is created especially for you, it will make you look your very best. Your teacher will travel to you, so you can learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home. However, if you would like a studio, that is fine too. Your lessons will be scheduled for when is convenient to you, they can be day or evening, seven days a week.

Dance Lessons For Weddings

We are proud to offer the best wedding dance lessons in the UK. You will be taught by a wedding dance teacher who is qualified, experienced and insured. But most importantly, they are friendly and will put you at ease.

Typically, our couples are new to dance and have never taken lessons before. When thinking about wedding dance lessons for wedding reception, we know that you are imagining all your wedding guests looking at you. Therefore, we understand the thought of dancing in front of everyone can cause anxiety and nerves.

We want you to feel happy and relaxed during your first dance, so our teachers focus on building confidence, as well as teaching dance steps. As you take to the floor on your wedding day, you can expect to feel calm and prepared to do the best dance of your life!

Couples first dance after taking wedding dance lessons in Nottingham.

Wedding florist Zorina married Mark, choosing a glamourous wedding at Goosedale near Nottingham. Zorina said “Emma came every Wednesday for six weeks to teach us our dance. We had a brill time!”

Wedding Dance Lesson Reviews

Outdoor first dance after wedding dance lessons

David and Crystal from London had a destination wedding in Tenerife. They were keen to attempt some advanced moves, despite the fact they had never danced before. They pulled it off amazingly well!

Your first dance will be perfectly tailored to suit you and what you are comfortable with on the dance floor. Click below to read more first dance wedding lessons reviews of our couples first dances and overall experience with us.

News & Events

A headshot of Amy Nelson, who is a wedding dance lesson planner and founder of Wedding Day Dance UK, which is a first dance company.

Hello! I’m Amy and I organise wedding dance lessons for engaged couples in the UK. I’d love to help with your first dance! If you’d like to chat about your first wedding dance, Get In Touch. Or, if you are ready to go and want to start scheduling lessons, you can fill out a Booking Form and I will get you dancing!

We are pleased to announce that we were awarded Highly Commended at The Wedding Industry Awards! Thank you to all our couples from the past year, we love that you enjoyed your wedding dancing classes so much, you took the time to vote. Our category ‘Special Touches’ was tough, as there were 17 finalists, so we are over the moon. The Wedding Industry Awards recognises and rewards excellence in the wedding industry, so we are very appreciative that our voters and the judges felt we deserved the award.

father daughter wedding dance

A father and daughter wedding dance celebrates the importance of the relationship, whilst making wonderful memories and fabulous photos! For the bride, it is a chance to show her love and appreciation to the man who raised her. Every Father/Daughter relationship is unique and this personal dance will reflect what that means. It’s the perfect way to show your love, whilst adding personality to your big day.

Read more >

Wedding Dance Lessons FAQs

Where do lessons take place?

For your convenience, our private wedding dance lessons take place in the comfort of your own home. They are ‘in-person’ not virtual – this is a Zoom free zone! It means you can learn in a relaxed atmosphere without distraction. It also saves you travel time in the hectic lead up to your big day.

How long are lessons?

All wedding dance lessons are 90 minutes, so 1.5 hours.

What if we don’t have a first dance song?

That’s OK! We are very happy to help you choose. It is very useful to make a short list of songs you like. Here are some ideas for First Dance Songs For Weddings and Unusual First Wedding Dance Songs.

How can I pay?

When you are happy with your schedule, we will send you an invoice. You’ll have three days to pay your invoice and once you do, your lessons are confirmed. We are proud to operate in this way as we feel it’s important that the lesson schedule suits you, before you commit financially. There are no hidden costs, we don’t charge extra for travel or VAT and we don’t require deposits.

How much space do we need?

If you both stretch your arms out to the side and turn on the spot without bumping into anything, you are marking out the very minimum that we could work with. So as long as your space is bigger than this, you have enough space! It’s roughly 2 x 3m2. Of course, bigger is better, so we encourage you to push back the furniture to maximise your homemade dance floor!

Are you surprised that you don’t need more room? Here’s an explanation… I’m sure you’ve seen the dancers on Strictly Come Dancing whoosh across the floor? Their costumes are light and the dresses are never longer than ankle length. As wedding dresses are floor length and often heavy, first wedding dances travel much less. This is why you don’t need as much space as you might expect to learn your first wedding dance.

What if we don’t have enough room?

That’s fine, as we can teach you somewhere else. Depending on what is available in your local area, you might like to consider a function room, village hall, leisure centre or work space. If you belong to a gym with a studio, that’s a great place to start.

When hiring space, you will probably be asked if the teacher has Public Liability Insurance and the answer is yes. If you can’t think of anywhere to hire, let us know and we can get some recommendations from your dance teacher.

When will the lessons be?

On the Booking Form, we ask roughly when would be convenient for you. Then, according to your teachers availability, we will make suggestions for you to choose from. The schedule will suit you lifestyle and classes don’t have to be on the same day each week, it’s fine to mix it up to suit your commitments. Weekdays, weekends, daytimes and evenings are all options.

What if we need to reschedule?

That’s fine! All we need it 48 hours’ notice and we can either re-arrange (if possible) or refund. To read more on this, here are the Terms & Conditions.

Do you have wedding dance lessons near me?
Yes! Our team of wedding dance teachers covers the entire UK, so whether you live in a village, town or city, you can take our classes.

As well as everywhere else in the UK, such as Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Belfast, Nottingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Coventry, Leicester, Cardiff, Newcastle, Southampton, Derby, Portsmouth, Brighton, Northampton, Wolverhampton, Aberdeen, Milton Keynes, Oxford and Cambridge plus wedding dance lessons in all the places in between and all around!

How far ahead should we take lessons?

Around six weeks before your wedding day is ideal, although some couples opt to start earlier. It’s a personal choice that will depend on everything else you have going on. We feel that six weeks is long enough to learn and practice, but not so early that you’ll forget the steps! It’s beneficial for the dance to be fresh in your mind, without having learnt so far in advance that you are bored of it by the time your wedding day arrives.

If you have less than 6 weeks to go, don’t worry, we’ll see what we can do. We once organised lessons for a couple 3 days before their wedding!

How much time should there be between lessons?

Ideally 5-10 days, as hopefully that allows time to practise. If there’s a large gap between lessons, the momentum of learning can be a bit slow. However, if this is your only option don’t worry, as there are ways around it. For example, you could film yourself at the end of your previous lesson as a reminder should you forget anything.

We can’t dance, are totally hopeless and have four left feet between us. Can you help?

Yes! We definitely can. Our wedding dance lessons are perfect for you, as we start from scratch with beginners. You will learn and develop one step at a time. Even if you have zero confidence and no rhythm, as long as you have some enthusiasm and the desire to progress, we’ll provide dancing lessons for wedding dance floor success!