Our Packages

We are open! Following Government guidance, we can ony offer online lessons until 12th April 2021, after which we can teach face to face once more!

Want to avoid feeling awkward on the dance floor? Our classes move at your pace, resulting in a dance that perfectly suits your song, natural style and ability. Your dance will impress your guests and create wonderful memories.

  • 3 lessons

    Three first dance lessons for couples who wish to learn a choreographed dance, but don't need a rehearsal. Learn a dance to your song which perfectly suits your ability and natural style.

    £250 - 3 lessons

  • 4 lessons

    Four wedding dance lessons to make you look and feel fantastic for your first dance as a married couple. Learn bespoke wedding dance choreography that matches your song and ability. The final lesson can be a rehearsal to add extra confidence and sparkle.

    £320 - 4 lessons

  • 6 lessons

    Six dance lessons to impress your guests by being step perfect and super-slick! Learn an unforgettable bespoke first dance with WOW factor, choreographed to match your song and ability. The final wedding dance lesson can be a rehearsal to boost your confidence.

    £450 - 6 lessons

How To Book

1. Fill out a Booking Form

2. We’ll contact our dance teacher in your area
3. We’ll email you with available dates & times, as per your preferences. If the schedule doesn’t suit you, we’ll amend it until it does.
4. When you are happy, you can make payment to confirm your dates & times.
5. If you need to cancel, you can with a full refund, as long as you give us 48 hours notice. If you need to reschedule, we’ll do our best to organise that for you.

We don’t take deposits and payment is only required once you are happy with your schedule of wedding dance lessons.


  • How can I pay?

    Once you are happy with your schedule, we will send you an invoice. On payment the lessons are confirmed. We are proud to operate in this way as (unlike our competitors) we feel it’s important that the lesson schedule suits the you, before you commit financially. There are no hidden costs, we don’t charge extra for travel or VAT. Also, we don’t take deposits.

  • Where do lessons take place?

    For your convenience, lessons take place in the comfort of your own home. This offers you a relaxed atmosphere without distraction. It also saves you travel time in the hectic lead up to your big day.

  • How much space do I need?

    If you both stretch your arms out to the side and turn around on the spot, as long as you don’t bump into anything, you have enough space! It’s roughly 2 x 3m². More room is beneficial though, so push back the furniture to maximise your space. You’ve probably seen the dancers on Strictly zoom across the floor? Their costumes are light and at longest ankle length. As wedding dresses are floor length and heavy, first dances travel much less, so you don’t need a lot of floor space for wedding dance lessons.

  • What if we don’t have enough room?

    That’s fine, we can teach you in another location. You might like to use a gym studio, sports centre, village hall, function room, community centre or work space.

  • When will the lessons be?

    Our dates and times that suit you and your lifestyle. Weekends or weekdays. Evenings or daytimes. They don’t have to all be on the same day of the week, it is fine to mix it up around your commitments.

  • What if I need to cancel or re-arrange lessons?

    That’s fine! All we need is 48 hours notice and we can either re-arrange (if possible) or give you a refund.

  • Do you have wedding dance lessons near me?

    Yes! Our lessons are available across the UK

  • How far ahead should we take lessons?

    6-8 weeks before your wedding day is ideal. This is enough time to learn and practice, but not so early you forget the steps. This time frame maximises your enthusiasm and the dance will be fresh in your mind. Ideally lessons are 5-10 days apart. If you have less than 6 weeks until your big day, get in touch, we will do our best to fit you in. If your wedding is sometime away but you want to get things sorted, get in touch now and we will contact you at the right time. We’re really nervous and don’t want to make fools of ourselves! That’s perfectly understandable! It’s normal to be anxious about doing something you’ve never done before, in front of everyone you know. Just the thought can be petrifying. It can be overwhelming, but we are here to teach, guide and support you every step of the way. We ease your worries by focussing on building confidence, making sure you feel comfortable on he dance floor. We’ve taught thousands of couples and most tell us they can’t dance, yet if you look at our reviews you’ll see their first dances went brilliantly after taking our wedding dance lessons.

  • We can’t dance! We have four left feet between us. Can you help?

    Yes! We start from scratch with beginners and focus on your development one step at a time. If you have zero confidence and no rhythm you’ve come the right place. We’re happy to work with EVERYONE regardless of ability, age or left-footed-ness. We have taught people with disabilities and medical conditions. As each dance is bespoke, you can be assured it won’t be too difficult, which means you can enjoy dancing on your wedding day feeling confident, relaxed and most importantly happy! Our dance teachers know how to get the most from you, making you look and feel your very best on the dance floor.

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